Cornerstone Preschool . . .

A quality childcare center in the Almaden Valley, located on Camden Avenue; Cornerstone Preschool of South Hills Community Church offers an ongoing preschool, kindergarten and extended day care program for three to six-year olds.

Within the framework of a safe and loving environment, our program focuses on the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth and development of each child and family.

Today’s children face considerable pressure to perform academically in elementary school which places unhealthy stress on many of them. Cornerstone prepares children for these academic expectations by providing child directed, teacher supported learning activities. This developmental approach gives children an opportunity to explore and discover while satisfying the required academic objectives.

After 24 years of serving Almaden Valley, Cornerstone is closing its doors. Our final day of class will be December 19th.

We have enjoyed growing your children and 'Building a Solid Foundation' for each child.


Our Philosophy...

We believe that every child is unique and deserves individual attention, unconditional love, and acceptance. This is our primary goal.

Through our enriched preschool curriculum, we encourage the following:

  • Intellectual growth and academic preparation
  • Appropriate social interaction through play and small group activities
  • Development of a healthy self-concept
  • Gross and fine motor skill development
  • Integration of biblical truths into every part of the child's learning experience.


It is our goal to provide a solid foundation
on which to build.


Our Educational Philosophy...

Cornerstone is a developmental program. We recognize that children move through specific stages of development at their own individual pace. Each child has their own learning style and temperament which contributes to how they process information and retain it as knowledge.

Cornerstone recognizes the way that children construct knowledge - through hands on exploration and discovery - and the fundamental significance of mastery at each developmental level.

Cornerstone focuses on the process of the learning because we understand that all later education will be built upon the foundation established during the preschool years. It is our goal to provide a solid educational and personal foundation, strong and well-grounded in developmentally appropriate practice, on which to build.